How can my coding improve in three months?

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How do I improve coding in 3 months?

Hello, I believe I am the best person to respond to this query.

Let me transport you to November of 2021. The month I first learned about DSA:) I have wondered how individuals were hired by FAANG or product firms. Although we all studied this in college, I always assumed I knew DSA when I was younger.

But that month everything changed for me when I began my DSA journey, which I'm now sharing.

The easiest approach for someone to become better at coding is to become better at problem-solving, which can be done through DSA and system design.

First Month: Make a plan. As I usually say, YouTube is the best resource currently available to humans, and it is also free to use. Get familiar with a few of the DSA channels. Connect with some engineers in the field and examine their approaches (don't replicate them verbatim; come up with your own version instead). Watch as many solutions to a single issue as you can.

Second Month: Resolve issues and adhere to a pattern 5-3-2: 5 simple, 3 medium, and 2 difficult questions. Do not attempt to immediately solve difficult questions. Coding takes time, just like everything else. Change this to various patterns once you feel more at ease with medium and difficult tasks.

Engage in competitions and coding challenges in the third month. Set your timer to every day and solve a random puzzle. Attend practice interviews.

Limit your screen time, go on more outings, and avoid broadcasting your approach to a huge audience, to name a few general advices.

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