What aspects of human behavior are most fascinating?

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What aspects of human behavior are most fascinating?

What are the most interesting things you've learned about human nature?

Do you desire some attention? Turn away from that individual and stop pursuing him. He'll give you his undivided attention.

2. Do you need a confession from someone? Talk less and just look at them; they will take the appropriate action.

3. You may verify someone's words by simply glancing into their eyes. They turn away from you and grin more often than necessary, usually while they're lying.

4. Smart people typically have fewer friends.

5. While speaking, have a look at their feet. They are probably not interested in what you are saying if they are not looking at you.

6-Are you depressed? By trying to smile, you can quickly deceive your mind into believing that you are actually smiling.

7. Your body language adapts depending on who you are speaking to. When you are speaking to someone you like, your body language tends to be loose and comfortable, whereas it tends to be rigid if it's someone you don't particularly like.

8. You are capable of maintaining that level of focus for no longer than 10 minutes.

9. Every day, tell yourself one thing you want to do or be. You would witness it come to pass.

10. You may not be aware of the possibilities of your brain. Keep striving towards your goals.


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